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Mi Amigo USB stick connects old and new

Now you can obtain the new orange Mi Amigo USB stick with the old, original logo of this Flemish offshore radiostation! It contains 25 retro Mi Amigo Top 50 episodes presented by Ferry Eden. That is 75 hours of music with original commercials and jingles from the past. The USB stick also contains the history of Radio Mi Amigo. This is a one and a half hour long documentary from 1978, based on radio airchecks and production material, which was produced by Ferry Eden. The price is 35 euro including packing and postage. The proceeds from the USB stick are intended to co-finance Ferry Eden's Radio Mi Amigo book, which is expected to be published later in the Summer of 2019.

Fill in the order form at www.miamigoboek.eu and you will receive a confirmation with the bank details for the transfer. Note, this is generated automatically and can end up in your 'spam' mailbox 'unwanted'!

Get it at home, the orange Mi Amigo USB
stick with 8Gb of content!